Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Thoughts on the Star Wars Blu-ray 'Leaks'

When it was announced that The Phantom Menace Yoda was going to be redone in CGI and that hideous puppet was going to be replaced for the Bluray re-release, fanboys (and fangirls) rejoiced because that was a change that made sense.

A CGI Yoda fits better with his CGI incarnations in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, and besides, that puppet was incredibly ugly and awkward. We all knew that there was footage of a CGI The Phantom Menace Yoda in existence since we saw a clip of it in the Revenge of the Sith special features.

However that is not the only change we will be seeing, it seems.

These past couple days have seen several 'leaks' of more changes George Lucas is bringing about the these Star Wars Blurays and here are my thoughts…

Vader's 'No' in Return of the Jedi

The first leak was an audio clip of Vader screaming NOOOOOOO when he throws the Emperor down the bottomless shaft in Return of the Jedi, and a fan synced the audio and video over on YouTube.

At first I was outraged. The "No" sounds incredibly out of place and even a bit silly because it seems clearly overdubbed. This "No" takes away from the emotion the audience got from Darth Vader's silent action we saw in the original. Yet it fits in nicely with Revenge of the Sith when we see Vader scream "Noooooo" after he learns that he killed Padme.

The "no" in Return of the Jedi shows that he still has a bit of Anakin in him and doesn't wish to see his son suffer the same fate as his wife.

As George Lucas loves to say…it's like poetry.

Verdict: I approve of this change, but only because I like the prequels. If I was just an Original Trilogy die-hard...I don't think I'd feel the same way.

A Dug in Jabba's Palace

The second leak was of a dug, the same species as Sebulba from The Phantom Menace, in Jabba's palace as seen in this video clip.

A dug fits into Jabba's palace because dug's are part of the seedy underworld since their species is normally associated with criminals, gamblers, and bounty hunters. A dug in Jabba's palace is actually kind of a welcome addition since it adds more poetry to the prequels and The Phantom Menace.

However, this particular instance of the Dug entering the throne room seems a bit out of place because it is all so quiet. I was under the impression all of Jabba's cronies were supposed to be resting/sleeping. So what is Mr. Dug doing up and about ignoring nap time?

Verdict: In the end, this addition is acceptable even if it does seems a bit bluntly obvious as an addition.

Obi-Wan's new Krayt Dragon Call

Another leaked audio clip is of Obi-Wan's new Krayt Dragon call, and there is also a synced video for this clip as well.

I liked the whoop at the beginning of his call but when the audio started to echo and bounce all over the place, I couldn't stand it. I think I was a bit startled like those Sand People. As it was put on, it sounded like Walrus Man was barfing.

Verdict: Get rid of the crazy echo in the middle of the call and I think it could be passable.

Wicket Blinking

The final leaked clip was of the Ewok, Wicket W. Warrick, blinking.

Yes, Ewoks blinking.

Sure it adds a bit of realism to the Ewoks, but their creepy unflinching stares made more sense to me. I mean they took down the Empire and ate humans. They deserve creepy stares.

Verdict: I still refuse to believe cute teddy bears took down the Empire. Oh and what the heck, give them blinking eyes. Make them more realistic.

So these are the 'leaks' we have seen for now and there is no way of confirming them until the September 16th, 2011 release date of Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Bluray. As long as the lightsabers in the original trilogy are fixed to match their colours in The Prequels like promised, I would be satisfied.

Oh and props to the marketing people at Lucasfilm. You certainly know how to get the community up in a frenzy and desperate to buy your product.

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