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Review of The Clone Wars Season 4 Premiere "Water War"

Episode 4.01: Water War
When destiny calls, the chosen have no choice
On August 27th at Fan Expo Canada in Toronto I had the privilege of seeing the first episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 4: "Water War," at the world premiere screening! No, I am your father! This article contains SPOILERS and plot details from the first episode of The Clone Wars Season 4, may the Force be with you!

We're back, baby!

In order to avoid sounding like a broken record in this review, I have compiled a list of synonyms of the word 'incredible' to describe this episode of The Clone Wars: astounding, marvellous, dumbfounding, unbelievable.There was so much packed into this episode that looking back it is hard to believe that it was only 22 minutes long! It easily felt like a feature film! The episode was incredible, absolutely incredible!

"Water War" is hands (or flippers) down one of the best-looking The Clone Wars episodes I have seen to date. Hugemind-blowing underwater battle sequences, detailed facial animation (even with the squid-faced Quarren), and absolutely stunning visuals.

So much incredible my mind was mush after the viewing.

Oh and to add to the sheer incredibleness, we see Admiral Ackbar in The Clone Wars for the first time! Yet this time he is a Captain of what I assume is the Mon Calamari Knights, Coral City's representative on the Calamarian Council, and very close and influential to the King and Prince of Mon Calamari.

When Ackbar's name was first mentioned in the episode, one of the younglings in the audience could be heard whispering excitedly to his father, ‘Ackbar? Admiral Ackbar!?!”

It's an elaborate ruse!

As you can imagine, the phrase “It’s a trap!” was uttered by an audience member every time Ackbar appeared during the screening. Something to be expected in a room filled with Star Wars fans.

While this is the Mon Calamari’s most popular catchphrase, not once in the episode did he actually say those words. The closest we got was when there was during the surprise Quarren invasion and Ackbar exclaims “It’s an attack!”

It may not be the exact line, but it seemed to satisfy the audience. It was said with the same nuance.

Now while this episode has a pretty straightforward plot, one side wants to rule the planet while the other feels oppressed, the epic battles and superb visuals make this into an epic.

The Scuba Troopahs come to the rescue

The current King of Mon Calamari, Yos Kolina, has been assassinated and his young son, Lee-Char, is heir to the throne. However, the Quarren have no desire to continue to serve under a Mon Calamari King and demand a Quarren Leader or they will go to war.

The Mon Calamari seek envoys of the Republic to help negotiate a peace and Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala are sent to attempt to quell the tensions. The Quarrens respond by looking to the Separatists for help and the fierce shark-like Karkarodon Riff Tamson is sent on behalf of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

The peace summit between the Quarren and Mon Calamari fail and the Quarren leaders, along with Riff Tamson, leave in a fury.

The Calamarian Quarren allowed here

Unbeknownst to the Mon Calamari, Riff Tamson confides with Count Dooku and we learn of the Karkarodon's true intentions of becoming king of the planet! The Separatists begin secretly landing Trident-Class assault ships, the same ships we saw in the "Arc Troopers" episodes of Season 3, and deploy hundreds of Aqua Droids that join forces with the Quarren warriors in preparation for the invasion of the Mon Calamari cities.

In a surprise attack, the Quarren and Aqua Droids catch the Mon Calamari off guard and the Jedi and Mon Calamari Knights under Captain Ackbar's command fight to protect the new Prince Lee-Char from harm.

A shirtless Kit Fisto and Ahsoka Tano in a new underwater suit along with a battalion of badass Clone Squba Troopers dive into the seas of Mon Calamari from LAAT/i gunships and assist the defence of the Mon Cala cities from the Separatist invasion!


Mon Calamari/Quarren tensions are not new to Star Wars lore. Countless novels, comics, and even the Clone Wars micro-series of 2004 detail these conflicts on Mon Calamari, or Dac as it is known by it's natives.

These two species share the same homeworld with the fish-faced Mon Calamari living in the shallower waters while the squid-faced Quarren live deeper in the dark depths of the sea. In 4,500 BBY, the Mon Calamari won war against the Quarren which resulted in their near-extinction and the Mon Calamari became the leading representation of the planet in the Galaxy.

Around the time of The Clone Wars, the corrupt former Republic Senator Tikkes, a Quarren, became a leader of the Separatist Council and the Free Dac movement and sought to cut ties between Mon Calamari and the Republic.

According to current Star Wars Expanded Universe canon, the planet was attacked twice before the battle in this episode of The Clone Wars. The first time was when Count Dooku devastated the world with the Dark Reaper, a Force Harvesting superweapon, as shown in the Clone Wars XBOX game of 2002. Later, the Techno-Union backed Quarren Isolation League attempted to overthrow the Mon Calamari Council but was defeated by a shirtless Kit Fisto and the Mon Calamari Knights as we saw in the Clone Wars micro-series.

Kit Fisto leads his troops into battle. No shirt, no shoes...he doesn't care. He's a freaking Jedi.

Now whether the Battle of Mon Calamari detailed in "Water War" will be a separate battle from the micro-series or the same battle we will have to wait for the official word from Lucasfilm, but for now they will be treated as two different battles by our trusted news source Wookieepedia.

Now one thing I noticed in this episode was that the Mon Calamari species were constantly referred to as the "Mon Cala." I've heard Mon Cals and Calamari used before but this is the first time I have heard that term used to describe their species.

Also, not ONCE do they refer to the planet of Mon Calamari as Dac, the name of the planet as it is know in Mon Calamarian, Quarrenese, and Basic. Is this another smack in the face for Star Wars Expanded Universe fans or just a mere coincidence? Other than that, I was happy to see is that there was little in terms of Star Wars Expanded Universe continuity conflicts in this episode. Nothing as drastic as say the death of Even Piell...

What stood out right away was the voice of the Mon Cala Prince Lee-Char. He sounded incredibly young and this was obviously to gain sympathy from the audience. He sounded handsome, or at least what can be handsome for a Mon Cala, but was quite naïve. I was taken aback by the voice at first because of how innocent he sounded. No matter what he said it felt like we were being forced to sympathize with him.

Ackbar sounded goofy as always, like he had cotton balls is his mouth, and this was quite acceptable! He was voiced by Tom Kane who also voiced him in the Battlefront video game.

Look down in the water! It's a fish, it's a boat, no it's...SuperMonCala!

I would love to see later in The Clone Wars a meeting between Captain Tarkin and Captain Ackbar. Both are of the same rank but after the end of The Clone Wars and the fall of Mon Calamari under Imperial Rule, Ackbar becomes a slave to Tarkin. An episode with this two great leaders and rivals would make for great foreshadowing for their future slave-master relationship.

In this episode there was much more detailed lip animation for the Mon Calamari because if you remember in Return of the Jedi, the Mon Calas didn't have much versatility when it came to talking save for the flapping of their mouths. Now they have much more expression to their faces.

The villainous Karkarodon, Riff Tamson, was insanely epic and totally made this episode. The subtle Jaws theme that played in the background when he snuck up on the battlefield was a clear shout out to Steven Spielberg's famous shark movie, considering the Separatist representative did have the head of a shark.

Dun nuh. Dun nuh. Dun da dun da dun da dun dun dun da dun dun dun da

The Karkarodon was so incredibly fierce and brutal! So brutal that this episode probably barley avoided a PG-13 rating because the Mon Calas he tears into only bleed bubbles. I was somewhat disappointed when no blood was spilled just a crazy amount of bubbles. Maybe it's just me but when I see a Jaws-head alien rip apart Mon Calamari it almost seems like it is necessary...

Riff is a vicious killer and tears the Mon Cala up like they are mere rag dolls. We can only imagine what he does off camera. The sequences where he swoops down upon dozens of Mon Calamari Knights and tears into them are quite intense, he doesn't holds back for nothing.

There is a scene where the Prince and Ahsoka are in those neat Mon Calamari underwater tunnels or highways fleeing the battle but Riff follows them. He bashes headfirst into the glass tunnels from the outside like a maniac in an attempt to crack through the glass and after a couple intense smashes he gets through. I was actually worried for our protagonists.

The underwater battle sequences were incredible! Some of the best battle scenes I’ve ever seen in The Clone Wars and maybe even Star Wars! The sheer scale of the battles was intense and it is hard not to appreciate the animation, this is something we would have NEVER seen in 2008. When the Trident Drills first start their landing and begin deploying Aqua Droids, you know sh*t is going down.

My mind went blank because this is way to badass for words to describe.

A little thing that didn’t really make sense though is during the battle, the Mon Cala lay very close to the ground in a sniper position not near any cover while the Quarren attacked from above but conveniently continued to miss shooting above the Mon Cala. Just aim a bit lowers fools!

Yet when the Mon Cala get off the ground and meet the Quarren and Aqua Droids, the battle really gets started. It was such an immense battle sequences with literally hundreds of combatants on the screen and so much eye candy. The sequence where the LAAT/i gunships fly low above the water and the Squba Troopers led by Ahsoka and Kit Fisto dive into the water to come to the Mon Calamari's aid, was just so incredible. I can't think of anything else to describe the sheer awesomeness of that sequence. The lighting, animation, and music just blew me away and I get shivers just thinking about it because it was so damn epic. I can't wait to see that again on my TV in HD.

Yet one little thing about that scene. When Ahsoka leaps into the water an underwater speeder was very conveniently waiting for her right where she dived. How in the blazes did she aim her fall into the incredible vastness of a planetoid ocean and manage to drop right above a tiny underwater speeder. And where did it come from? Was it placed there ahead of time by the Mon Cala or an off-camera gunship? Oh wait, it was the Force…duh.

Easily the best sequence in the entire episode. The gunship sequence...and the looking at Ahsoka part.

While watching these battle sequences I began wondering about Star Wars physics again. There was a lot of blaster fire in this episode, but the fire acted the same underwater as it does above. Does the water not slow down or distort the blaster fire in any way?

Another thing was at some point during the scuffle, Anakin’s scuba helmet is torn off and it falls away from reach while he fights off a dozen enemies. The helmet slowly drifts away into the depths of the water and Anakin seems to have way to much trouble to get it even when there were no enemies around him. He didn’t even try to force pull it to him since the helmet wasn’t even that far. People in the audience at the screening were muttering why isn’t he using Force? Doesn’t he have the Force? This raised the question, does water ‘dampen’ ones use of the Force? Or was the sheer pressure of the sea too much for Anakin.

In a random twist at the end of the episode, the Separatists reveal their superweapon that would win the battle for them after being hyped up with music build-up during the last minute of the episode. Their superweapons of doom were just giant jellyfish with electroshock tentacles. Bit of an anti-climactic moment if you ask me.

Giant Jellyfish of Doom

Padme doesn't do much in this episode other than observe the failed Mon Cala/Quarren peace summit. I did find she looked really odd in a scuba suit because it looked like she had no hair. She will probably play a much bigger role in the next episode "Gungan Attack."

"The Jedi soon realize they will need the help of a powerful and amphibious ally to stop the war and drive out the Separatist invaders."

"Gungan Attack" is part-two of the one hour premiere of The Clone Wars on September 16, 2011. The Jedi look to the Gungan Grand Army on Naboo for assistance in helping them defeat the Separatist threat on Mon Calamari. The third episode and last act of the Mon Calamari trilogy will feature a return of Riff Tamson who captures the Gungan and Mon Calamari armies and it is up to Ahsoka Tano and Prince Lee-Char to rescue them in "Prisoners."

This was an incredible start to another season of The Clone Wars and judging by the trailers we have been seeing this is going to be one jam-packed and EPIC season! The Death Watch are back, Darth Maul and Savage Opress, the Nightsisters vs. Grievous, a Besalisk Jedi with TWO double bladed lightsabers…way too much incredible.

Sith just go real.

Episode Info

World Premiere: August 27th, 2011 at Fan Expo Canada

Original Air Date: September 16th, 2011 on Cartoon Network and Teletoon

Directed by: Duwayne Dunham

Written by: Jose Molina

Jedi Fortune Cookie: When destiny calls, the chosen have no choice

Episode Dramatis Personae:

Anakin Skywalker: Jedi Knight

Padme Amidala: Republic Senator

Ackbar: Captain of the Mon Calamari Knights

Riff Tamson: Karkarodon Separatist Envoy

Yos Kolina: King of the Mon Calamari (mentioned only)

Lee-Char Kolina: Prince and heir to the throne of Mon Calamari

Kit Fisto: Jedi Master

Ahsoka Tano: Jedi Padawan

Official Synopsis:

Underwater unrest! The assassination of the King of Mon Calamari creates conflict between the Mon Cala and the Quarren, so Anakin and Padme are dispatched to make peace. But the Separatists have other plans…

My rating: 4 and a half lightsabers out of 5

The special, one-hour Season Four premiere event of Star Wars: The Clone Wars airs Friday, September 16, at 8 p.m. (et/pt).

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What I think Ahsoka's Fate Could Be

"The circle is now complete, Skyguy. When I met you I was but the learner, now I am the master."

We all know Ahsoka is never mentioned by anyone in Revenge of The Sith, so she must still be Anakin's Padawan just merely sent on a solo mission that doesn't arouse any suspicion or worry among the cast of Episode III. Besides, Anakin and Obi had bigger fish to fry on Coruscant that would have taken a lot of their focus.

If Ahsoka was still Anakin's Padawan this helps support the fact that the Jedi Council refuse to give Anakin the rank of Master in Revenge of the Sith because he is still training Ahsoka. A Jedi is granted the rank of Master AFTER they have trained their first Padawan.

Ahsoka's mission would be to hunt for Asajj Ventress who disappeared after the Battle of Boz Pity as detailed in the Star Wars: Obsession 4 and 5 comic.

This scenario is an attempt to bridge existing SWEU with TCW continuity. Read up on this Wookieepedia article before continuing unless you have already read the Obsessions series and in that case, you may proceed.

Here's the lowdown of my scenario:

1-Ahsoka goes on a solo mission prior to ROTS to hunt Asajj

2-Goes to Unknown Regions with Alpha and Rex

3-Finds Asajj, makes peace with her after nearly falling to the dark side

4-Order 66: Alpha goes to kill Ahsoka, Rex stops him

5-Ahsoka and Rex return to Coruscant

6-Seek out any surviving Jedi. Ahsoka wants to kill Vader without knowing he is Anakin.

7-Joins forces with Olee Starstone and Chewbacca

8-She along with a few other Jedi start a war against Vader

9-The Force leads her to Tatooine where Obi-Wan tells her to stop chasing Vader and go into hiding. She refuses. Says farewell to Obi

10-In the Confrontation with Vader, she discovers he is really Anakin.

Nearly all the Jedi she is with are defeated. She is struck down by Vader

The Outer Rim Sieges

Just prior to ROTS, Alpha-77 (one of the original ARC troopers who fought with Anakin and Obi in the comics) would have managed to find his way to civilized space after Asajj dumped him off on a barren world in the Unknown Regions and killed the rest of the crew of the Republic Medical Shuttle she had escaped on. Alpha would report to Republic Intelligence that Asajj still lives and Ahsoka would be sent by the Council to lead a mission to hunt Asajj Ventress as her first solo mission.

She, along with Alpha, Captain Rex and a small contingent of clones from Torrent Company would head to the Unknown Regions where they would find and confront Asajj.

Asajj at this point would only want to be left alone because Dooku betrayed her. Ahsoka's recklessness and anger at Asajj would overcome her and she would nearly kill Asajj in a rage before Asajj defeats Ahsoka and convinces her she no longer follows the Dark Side or the Separatists and just wants to be left alone.

Order 66

At this point, the Clones would be given the command to execute Order 66 and Rex would refuse the Order while Alpha would want to go through with it. Rex and Alpha argue and Alpha goes to shoot Ahsoka while she is distracted but Rex tackles him and Ventress saves Ahsoka by deflecting the shot. She goes to kill Alpha only to be stopped by Ahsoka and Rex who tie Alpha up.

Rex and Alpha explain to Ahsoka about how the Jedi have now been branded traitors, Rex explains why he refuses to kill Ahsoka and Alpha calls him a traitor. Ahsoka wants to return to Coruscant to see if any Jedi survived even after Rex's pleads for her to go into hiding but she refuses and prepares to return.

After making peace with Asajj, who is now neither light or dark, Rex reluctantly agrees to accompany Ahsoka to Coruscant after ditching his clone armour. They drop Alpha off at a Spaceport on the edge of Known Space and continue to Coruscant.

On Coruscant, she would see the destruction of the temple and would be confronted by troops from the 501st who hesitate when they see Rex and Ahsoka (their former commanders) but open fire on them forcing them to retreat.

Alpha would return to Coruscant where he reports to Vader that Asajj and Ahsoka still live and Vader would be overwhelmed by emotion because this brings back painful memories of the time he was Anakin Skywalker. Memories he wanted to forget. Ahsoka would learn that Vader murdered everyone in the Temple and would seek him out directly without knowing he is really Anakin Skywalker.

Vader would be confronted by Ahsoka but would refuse to fight her. She falls deep to the Dark Side as she becomes overwhelmed with grief and nearly kills Darth Vader before realizing he is not fighting back and flees once she discovers he was Anakin.


She would find several Jedi survivors and along with Rex would lead a rebellion against Palpatine. She would join the crew of the Drunk Dancer, alongside Chewbacca, Olee Starstone, Lu Poorf, and Nalual, who all vowed to fight the Empire in any subtle way they could at the end of the novel "Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader" and become a leader in the "Pre-Rebellion." Ahsoka would lead strikes against Imperial targets and discover and protect more Jedi who would join the crew aboard the Drunk Dancer.

Vader would eventually overcome his emotions and wish to destroy everything about his past including his padawan. However, his first target of his past would be Asajj. Vader would hire bounty hunters and send Stormtrooper elite to find Asajj in an obsessive hunt. When he discovers that she is hiding in the Unknown Regions, he travels there to confront her.

Meanwhile, Ahsoka's travels would take her to Tatooine where she would meet Obi-Wan. Oi-Wan confirms that Anakin is indeed Darth Vader and there is no longer any hope for him to return to the light, but Ahsoka does not believe that. She refuses Obi-Wan's advice to disappear and not confront Vader and say her farewells.

When Ahsoka learns that Vader is travelling to the Unknown Regions, she leaves with a Jedi strike force to confront him and bring him back to the light.

Ahsoka and Asajj join forces to fight Vader. Asajj would be defeated by Vader, and the Jedi Ahsoka came with would slowly be struck down by Stormtroopers as well as Vader's blade.

After a long duel between Ahsoka and Vader and she knows she is beaten, through the Force she shows Vader everything he has lost, his wife, his kids, his life, and asks him if it was worth it. Vader feels remorse, and for the slightest of seconds he is Anakin again. However that emotion was short lived and Vader's anger quickly took over. Ahsoka lets herself get cut down by his blade knowing that there was still good in him.

Rex and the crew of the Drunk Dancer would continue to fight the Empire and eventually join with the Rebellion. After a few years Rex would decide to settle down with a wife on a secluded Outer Rim world away from the fighting...

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My Thoughts on the Star Wars Blu-ray 'Leaks'

When it was announced that The Phantom Menace Yoda was going to be redone in CGI and that hideous puppet was going to be replaced for the Bluray re-release, fanboys (and fangirls) rejoiced because that was a change that made sense.

A CGI Yoda fits better with his CGI incarnations in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, and besides, that puppet was incredibly ugly and awkward. We all knew that there was footage of a CGI The Phantom Menace Yoda in existence since we saw a clip of it in the Revenge of the Sith special features.

However that is not the only change we will be seeing, it seems.

These past couple days have seen several 'leaks' of more changes George Lucas is bringing about the these Star Wars Blurays and here are my thoughts…

Vader's 'No' in Return of the Jedi

The first leak was an audio clip of Vader screaming NOOOOOOO when he throws the Emperor down the bottomless shaft in Return of the Jedi, and a fan synced the audio and video over on YouTube.

At first I was outraged. The "No" sounds incredibly out of place and even a bit silly because it seems clearly overdubbed. This "No" takes away from the emotion the audience got from Darth Vader's silent action we saw in the original. Yet it fits in nicely with Revenge of the Sith when we see Vader scream "Noooooo" after he learns that he killed Padme.

The "no" in Return of the Jedi shows that he still has a bit of Anakin in him and doesn't wish to see his son suffer the same fate as his wife.

As George Lucas loves to say…it's like poetry.

Verdict: I approve of this change, but only because I like the prequels. If I was just an Original Trilogy die-hard...I don't think I'd feel the same way.

A Dug in Jabba's Palace

The second leak was of a dug, the same species as Sebulba from The Phantom Menace, in Jabba's palace as seen in this video clip.

A dug fits into Jabba's palace because dug's are part of the seedy underworld since their species is normally associated with criminals, gamblers, and bounty hunters. A dug in Jabba's palace is actually kind of a welcome addition since it adds more poetry to the prequels and The Phantom Menace.

However, this particular instance of the Dug entering the throne room seems a bit out of place because it is all so quiet. I was under the impression all of Jabba's cronies were supposed to be resting/sleeping. So what is Mr. Dug doing up and about ignoring nap time?

Verdict: In the end, this addition is acceptable even if it does seems a bit bluntly obvious as an addition.

Obi-Wan's new Krayt Dragon Call

Another leaked audio clip is of Obi-Wan's new Krayt Dragon call, and there is also a synced video for this clip as well.

I liked the whoop at the beginning of his call but when the audio started to echo and bounce all over the place, I couldn't stand it. I think I was a bit startled like those Sand People. As it was put on, it sounded like Walrus Man was barfing.

Verdict: Get rid of the crazy echo in the middle of the call and I think it could be passable.

Wicket Blinking

The final leaked clip was of the Ewok, Wicket W. Warrick, blinking.

Yes, Ewoks blinking.

Sure it adds a bit of realism to the Ewoks, but their creepy unflinching stares made more sense to me. I mean they took down the Empire and ate humans. They deserve creepy stares.

Verdict: I still refuse to believe cute teddy bears took down the Empire. Oh and what the heck, give them blinking eyes. Make them more realistic.

So these are the 'leaks' we have seen for now and there is no way of confirming them until the September 16th, 2011 release date of Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Bluray. As long as the lightsabers in the original trilogy are fixed to match their colours in The Prequels like promised, I would be satisfied.

Oh and props to the marketing people at Lucasfilm. You certainly know how to get the community up in a frenzy and desperate to buy your product.

What if Vader became Emperor

My hypothetical Infinities look at the galaxy: What if…Yoda had killed Sidious while Anakin killed Obi-Wan becoming Emperor.

Revenge of the Sith

Darth Vader and Obi-Wan are fiercely duelling on Mustafar, Padme has been Force Choked and is lying on the Mustafarian landing platform wounded, and the entire Separatist Council lay dead in the main control room just across the way.

As Battle of Heroes plays in the background, Vader and Obi-Wan's fight leads them to the same cliff where we see Vader lose his remaining limbs and gets severely burnt a la Revenge of the Sith.

But what if that scene played out just a bit differently? What if Vader didn't miscalculate Obi-Wan's "High-ground" advantage, killed the bearded Jedi Master, and took his lightsaber? While on Coruscant, Yoda defeated the Sidious in the Senate Chamber and cuts him down. What does this mean to the galaxy far far away...?

Schism within the Galactic Senate

With Palpatine defeated, Yoda would have to escape the Senate Chamber from Clones and Senate Guards loyal to Palpatine. He would escape by leaping into Bail Organa's speeder, but this time Yoda wouldn't flee to a swamp world, he would work with Organa to restore the Republic before it was too late and Vader returned to Coruscant. Yoda would begin meditating in preparations to confront Vader.

Bail would call in an emergency meeting of the Loyalist Committee, the vocal opponents of Palpatine's reformations, and begin working to make an interim government.

However Mas Ameedda, Vice Chairman of the newly formed Imperial Senate, was the first person in the pecking order to ascend into Palpatine's position as Supreme Commander and would have full control of the Clone Army until Vader came back from Mustafar.

Bail, Mon Mothma, and the rest of the Loyalist Committee would begin contacting all the members of the Petition of 2000, their loyal supporters and worlds, and the media to try and sway them to their cause by getting the truth to the people that Palpatine was a Sith Lord and the galaxy was played.

Yet Mas Ameedda had the support of the military and those loyal to Palpatine. Ameedda would have the 501st begin to occupy the streets of Coruscant and the Senate, and send out arrest warrants for the members of the Loyalist Committee calling them traitors and murderers. He would release security vids to the media from inside the Senate Chamber showing Yoda killing Palpatine and of Bail assisting him in escaping. This would solidify Palpatine's previous media statement and speech that "The Jedi hoped to unleash their destructive power against the Republic by assassinating the head of government and usurping control of the clone army" and the naive populous of Coruscant who voted Palptine into power in the first place would eat this up.

Public demonstrations pro and anti-Empire would begin to form across Coruscant and this would be the beginning of another Schism within the Republic.

Vader Returns to Coruscant

Vader would rush to Coruscant with a wounded and pregnant Padme. When Vader reaches the urban planet, he would ignore all the drama in the Galactic Senate and immediately head to Emperor Palpatine's Surgical Reconstruction Center to have Padme treated by the best medical droids in the galaxy. Padme would die during childbirth and the twins would be in Vader's arms.

This is where Yoda would come and confront Lord Vader.

Since Vader's Force power would not have diminished as drastically as they did when he was "more machine than man," he would have the full power of the Force to draw upon. Vader would be emotionally unstable and blinded by rage for his wife's death and these emotions would fuel him. He would unleash his full dark side potential and overwhelm Yoda.

The battle between Vader and Yoda would be long, but Yoda, who had just witnessed the deaths of thousands of Jedi and just defeated the most powerful Sith Lord of all time after a gruelling battle, would be weak and emotionally drained.

Vader would defeat the Grand Master by using Force Lightning of such enormous power that Yoda would barley escape with his life. But he wouldn't escape without saving one of the twins from a life of dark side training. Distracting Vader with a sudden surge of Force enegery, he would flee with a baby Luke and leave Vader in a fuming rage.

Vader, now consumed with rage and hate, would return to the Senate and slaughter Mas Ameedda. He would claim the throne, take the red lightsaber crystal from Sidious' blade, and address an emergency meeting of The Senate as their new Emperor.

Vader would then order the 501st to gather up any Loyalist Senators and have the Clones fire upon the crowds of protestors and supporters of the Loyalist Committee that had gathered around the Senate. The captured Loyalist Senators would have then been executed.

Master Yoda, Organa, Mothma, and the surviving members of the Loyalist Committee would flee to Corellia, where Garm Bel Iblis would agree to shelter Organa and the Loyalists from Vader's navy and armies. The Corellian Sector was an unallied, heavily fortified, isolationist sector safe with it's own organized military.

Emperor Vader

Darth Vader would have a lot of work to do. Since Sidious was killed before the Empire was fully established, Vader would have to complete the process of turning the Republic into an Empire. Vader was not as charismatic and politically experienced as Sidious and building an Empire would be difficult for him.

Vader would abolish the Senate in an act of arrogance and form The Imperial Advisory Council made up of Tarkin, Yularen, Isard and other trusted top Republic-turned-Imperial officers. This council would be key in helping Vader take control of Coruscant and the galaxy. They essentially become the decision makers and the real minds behind the Empire.

Vader would be a ruthless Emperor ruling through fear, but even though he believes he is in charge, he would eventually become the unknowing puppet to the Advisory Council.

With Palpatine's death, Vader's training as a Sith would not be complete and he would become obsessed with finding ancient Sith training materials such as holocrons and texts so he could learn all elements of the Dark Side and even attempt to bring back Padme.

Vader would also be obsessed with the safety of Leia. He would train her to become a powerful Force user as his Right Hand and hoped that she would rule the galaxy alongside him.

Armed Rebellion Begins

While Vader attempts to create a Empire, Organa would do the unthinkable. Since the Loyalists would be left with no choice but for military action against the ruthless Emperor Vader, Organa would meet with the Separatist Congress on Raxus, the last fortified Separatist Sector in the galaxy and talk about the formation a treaty between the tattered Confederacy of Independent Systems and the Loyalists.

The Separatist Worlds would currently be invaded and bombarded by Legions of Stormtroopers occupying Separatist planets with ease since the droid army had been deactivated. Some Separatist militias and non-droid armies would still fight, but most would be confused and in chaos.

Many leaders of the Separatist would be war-weary and would be hesitant to join a cause that's end goal was to see the reformation of the very Republic they sought to destroy, but many of the Seperatist leaders wanted revenge and still wished to fight.

Former Confederacy Leaders such as Rogwa Wodrata, Sentepeth Findos, and Gizor Dellso along with Loyalist Leaders such as Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, and Garm Bel Iblis would sign the Treaty of Corellia and form the Alliance to Restore the Republic officially declaring war with the young Empire.

The Geonosians would soon find a way to reactive half the droid army and navy and new factories would open across the Outer Rim. Across the Rim Worlds, many citizens would be recruited to fight against Coruscant.

Vader and the Council began taking the war to this new guerrilla army and the Rebllion began.

A New Hope

Yoda would train Luke to become the New Hope of the Galaxy on Dagobah hidden from a vengeful Vader. While Vader would train his daughter Leia to would grow up into his Right Hand and his enforcer.

Luke would be a key member of the Rebellion as a young Jedi with proper Jedi training using Obi-Wan's lightsaber. He would be part of a strike steam sent to capture the stolen Death Star plans and he would stash them in Artoo. A dark side Leia would be the one who boards the Tantive IV not Vader, captures Luke, and orders the Stormies to find the droids with the hidden plans...